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Whether you operate a restaurant, bar, cafe or cellar door or know of a venue that you believe should trial Flammekueche as a new product, contact us for a free, no-obligation on-site presentation.

Many food and beverage businesses Australia-wide have incorporated Flammekueche into their menus and product offerings. These include event caterers, restaurants, cafes, clubs, hotels, bars and distillers, winery cellar-doors and specialty retailers. View the current list of venues and stockists here.

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"People LOVE them."

Karen Davies, Cellar Door Manager - Vineyard Road

"People LOVE them. We have a nectarine tree in fruit at the moment so we have made a few Flammekueche with sweetened sour cream, thinly sliced nectarine and white choc. So delicious.

Karen Davies, Cellar Door Manager - Vineyard Road

Cobbs Hill Estate Q&A

Can you tell us about your experience with offering Flammekueche at Cobbs Hill Estate?

We've been offering Flammekueche for over two years now and have only had great reviews ever since. It answers what our customers want.

With Flammekueche, we basically have no wastage and it is quick and easy to prepare. With this food offering, instead of having one glass, people order and consume two or three glasses of wine.

What would you say to other wineries interested in offering Flammekueche?

Do it! It is perfect. If you don't want to do too much but want to keep people to drink on your premises Flammekueche is the answer!

"Why it isn't as famous as pizza escapes me."

Rick Stein, English celebrity chef

"I was first introduced to Tarte Flambé or Flammekueche,
which comes from Alsace, with the explanation that it’s France’s answer to pizza. In fact, though, it’s not much like pizza at all - apart from being very thin and savoury. As it is made with unleavened dough it bakes very crisply indeed, which is its great quality. Why it isn’t as famous as pizza escapes me." 

Rick Stein, English celebrity chef

"It is a fun food"

Gabriel Gaté, French Australian TV Presenter/Cookery Author

"I am familiar with Flammekueche and its popularity in Alsace. It is a fun food that I have enjoyed many times in traditional form or more creative form.”

Gabriel Gaté, French Australian TV Presenter/Cookery Author