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Flammekueche, also known in France as Tarte Flambé and Flammkuchen in Germany, has been introduced into Australia by an Australian, John Greenslade and his German wife, Karin. Flammekueche, traditionally a regional gastronomic product from the French German border Alsace region, is conquering the world!

How is it pronounced?

Where does it come from?
It is an artisan product from the Alsace region of France, close to the German border. Strasbourg is the traditional home of Flammekueche.

What does the name Flammekueche mean?
It translates as cake in the flames. In times past the temperature of wood-fired ovens were tested by placing a small piece of thinly rolled dough into the oven when the flames had resided.

Where can I find it?
It is now prepared and available at an ever-increasing number of restaurants, clubs, cellar-doors, cafes and hotels. Refrigerated packs of Flammekueche bases are now available at select stores. Check our stockists page for locations and details. Home delivery in Adelaide and Melbourne is available too.

Do you cater for events?
Yes, we have a mobile Simply Flammekueche food van available in South Australia.

Do I need a special oven?
No, Flammekueche will bake to a crisp 250° upper and lower heat directly on an oven rack, pizza stone or enclosed BBQ until brown.

Is it gluten free?
No, Flammekueche is vegan and yeast-free.

Why is it so good?
Because it is so simple!

How do I prepare it?
Follow our step-by-step guide below.

From the freezer to the serving board

1 | Freeze
When not in use, keep your pack(s) of Flammekueche laying flat within your freezer.

2 | Separate
Do not use the the paper between the bases as baking paper. It is there to keep the bases separate from each other each within the pack.

3 | Heat
Whether you're using a conventional oven, pizza oven or enclosed BBQ, ensure it's hot (250°) with upper and lower heat before baking your Flammekueche.

4 | Spread
Coat the base thinly and evenly with the spread of your choice, leaving a slim rim around the edge.

5 | Top
Add your desired toppings, remembering the key to a great Flammekueche is that less is more!

6 | Bake
Until crisp in a conventional oven, pizza oven or enclosed BBQ under (250°) upper and lower heat.

7 | Serve
Ideally on a serving board, however this is up to you. Use a pizza cutter to slice into shareable pieces or however you desire!

8 | Enjoy
Of course we saved the best to the end. Enjoy with friends and family or just as good - by yourself!